The Selsey Dementia-Friendly Community Project is sponsored and overseen by Selsey Community Forum (Registered Charity No: 1156460) which can be contacted at Selsey Care Shop, 121 High Street, Selsey PO20 0QB.


Forget-Me-Not Working Group formed March 2017 to drive forward Selsey's dementia-friendly community project which was affiliated to Chichester Dementia Action Alliance and registered with the Alzheimer's Society.  Selsey Dementia Action Alliance (SDAA) was later formed in early 2018.


Showcase event held in September 2017 to introduce Forget-Me-Not to the local community.


Selsey Community Watch's existing befriending activity expanded to cater for people with dementia and has continued to grow.  The associated SHOPtalk programme launched to provide a safe environment for regular social interaction for people with dementia and their carers.


Ongoing information and training sessions have led to an increasing number of Dementia Champions and Dementia Friends.


Links firmy established to local Care Managers, Selsey Medical Practice, NHS Primary Care Teams, West Sussex County Council and the local Alzheimer's Society.


Funding obtained for a part-time SDAA Development Coordinator who was employed for 12 months from April 2018 to extend capabilities and expand the area covered by Forget-Me-Not to local villages.


In July 2018, Selsey Care Shop opened in the town's High Street so that the SDAA Development Coordinator, Selsey Community Watch and Selsey Carers can be co-located and work more effectively together.