The Selsey Dementia-Friendly Community Project is sponsored and overseen by Selsey Community Forum (Registered Charity No: 1156460) which can be contacted at Selsey Care Shop, 121 High Street, Selsey PO20 0QB.

Selsey's Dementia-Friendly Community Project has two main groupings which work closely together under the governance and financial management of Selsey Community Forum (Registered Charity 1156460).

Project Organisation

Selsey Dementia Action Alliance


Membership includes representatives from dementia-friendly businesses, charities and statutory agencies; it meets every three months and is guided by a small Steering Group.


Works to educate the community, promote Forget-Me-Not and identify gaps in local services or functions which can be satisfied by activities arranged through the FMN WG.



Forget-Me-Not Working Group


Membership includes representatives from Selsey Community Watch and other organisations which deliver local services; it meets every three months and has close ties to the SDAA.


Works to plan, introduce and develop activities identified by the SDAA as being missing from the local community.

The SDAA has been registered with the National Dementia Action Alliance.

Forget-Me-Not-Selsey has been registered with the Alzheimer's Society and is affiliated to the Chichester and Bognor Action Alliance.

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